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See what our clients have to say about EZ as PI Tutoring Services!


Overall, my child has improved tremendously.  He has far more confidence than he had prior to you all working with him.  I am forever grateful and thank God for your vision to help others and carrying it out. You all are truly a blessing to a multitude.


Great team and I have seen improvement in various areas of my child's work.


Both of my daughters were struggling, one with Math and the other with Reading.  Since their experience with EZ As Pi Tutoring, my girls went from a 'C' to a 'B' in one school session.  My husband and I are very pleased with EZ As Pi Tutoring.


My daughter has made some great improvements in less than 2 months of tutoring from EZ As Pi Tutoring Services. I am very pleased so far and look forward to them continuing to work with my 5-year old. Thanks!


My son has improved since starting the tutoring sessions.  I have noticed a better attitude about reading.  His reading scores have increased with AR tests.  Mr. Frazier, his tutor, has taught my son valuable reading and test strategies.  In the process, he has also provided David important life sessions.


My children now have a better concept of understanding and the break down of the problems in Math with less assistance from teachers. Grades have improved by 20 points and my daughter's reading has very much improved. She has gone from a 3rd grade reading level to her 5th grade reading level!  It's all due to EZ As Pi Tutoring Service and how they help children understand a better way of learning.


My son did very well on his MAP math score.  He made a 216 (a gain of 17 points from the winter test). YAY!


I am VERY PLEASED with my daughter's progress this year! She exceeded her RIT projections in both language and math. While she was short of the benchmark for math, she was more than 3 points above growth projection for the year. She is ready for 3rd grade!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work and patience with her (smile). I know that without your assistance, she would not be as far ahead as she is today.


My lowest score in math this year was 70. With your help, I am completing 8th grade with a 93 in math!


Our son passed the end-of-grade GMAS test and has been promoted to 4th grade. His score improved from a 495 to a 565!


Thanks so much for your help. My son passed his geometry test and is being promoted to 12th grade. Thanks so much for helping him!


Both of my daughters are on their 2nd school term with EZ As Pi Tutoring Service and I am VERY PLEASED with their results. I'm proud to say my daughters are Honor Roll and High Honor Roll Students!! My oldest daughter made all A's and my youngest daughter made A's&B's.


EZ as Pi is one of the best tutoring companies I have come across.  I had been  to several before them and no one has been as accommodating as them.  Corey and Chante' are patient, encouraging and they really took their time in helping me with my math needs.  They made sure they figured out what worked for me and my learning needs.  Someone recommended them to me and I would definitely return the favor by recommending them to anyone struggling in Math.  Best decision I ever made!


My daughter has always struggled and had a difficult time with Math, but thanks to your service, she has improved tremendously.  She continues to improve with the tutoring provided by EZ As Pi Tutoring Service.  Overall, she has increased her Math grade from a 66 to a 79 with only 3 sessions with her tutor Tamari.  I highly recommend EZ As Pi Tutoring Service!


My daughter's confidence level and focus have been on point lately!  It takes a village to help a child that is struggling!!  I thank you soooo much for your tutoring services!! It has been a long time coming.


I'd like to thank EZ As Pi for assisting my daughter.  She is a rising sophomore Biomedical Engineering major at North Carolina A&T who requested a tutor due to experiencing some difficulty with Calculus II.  Her instructor (Frank) did an awesome job. Thank you so much!! 


Please afford me the opportunity to tell you THANK YOU!  My daughter was truly struggling in math and I was feeling helpless.  Thanks to YOU and EZ As Pi, I can rest easy.  My daughter has a much better understanding of what she's being taught.  Her self-esteem has improved tremendously!! She's answering questions in class and her grades are continuously improving.  I am going to tell everyone about my AWESOME experience with EZ As Pi Tutoring Service.  Thank You and God Bless You.


Thanks to EZ As Pi Tutoring Service and my daughter's tutor.  She did good on her iReady test and went up a grade level in reading.


My client has really improved from her last evaluation!  Seeing the numbers on paper helps put it in perspective.  She should be proud of herself and how hard she is working.


My daughter is doing much better in Math since she started with Mr. Williams.  She was at a 65 and now she is at a 95!  In addition, she made the Honor Roll last quarter. :)

B. Wilkerson

Thanks to EZ as Pi and the dedicated guidance of tutor Ms. C'Asia, our daughter not only passed college Algebra with an 'A' but she gained confidence in her mathematical abilities.  Grateful parent!!



EZ as Pi has been an exemplary experience.  My daughter's confidence has soared and she is eager to try new experiences!  Her tutor Jayla has tapped into her strengths and likes making it seamless to work with her on her challenges.  Because we are virtual, living in NC, the biggest difference for me as a parent who works as a college professor, was the personal touch.  Jayla called my daughter on her birthday and spoke to her before their first session together.  That meant a lot to me and my daughter.



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