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In 2005, I created and coordinated the first ever tutoring program at Park Place Outreach, Inc. in Savannah, GA.  The Chatham County Board of Education was able to provide two teachers who would come to assist students with their homework.  I also coordinated volunteers to come and assist with the program.  That program still exists today.

My experience in founding and operation the Tutorial Outreach Program (TOP) from 2012-2016 was priceless. Many children benefited from assistance with Math, English and Reading.  Not only were there improvements in academics, but also a warm and positive atmosphere was created for the children. The most thrilling feeling of all is when all of the children would return after the school year ended to update everyone of their yearly progress.  It is a wonderful thing to see children thrive in their academics, but also improve in their behavior, while refraining from receiving additional charges in the legal system.


My experience as a tutor dates back to high school when i initially began as a peer tutor in Math.  I am proud to mention that one of those peers successfully matriculated through medical school and is now a successful physician with his own private practice.  Additionally, I worked at Sylvan Learning Center for a time while attending college.  I have earned two degrees in Physics (B.S. and M.S.) and have been very fortunate to not only help patients in the medical field (as a board certified Medical Physicist) but also to tutor on a part-time basis through the years.  It is very rewarding to see others achieve academic success but even more so when they choose fields of study and careers in STEM.



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